T. Boone Pickens Sells Entire Yahoo Stake, 10 Million Shares

I was literally in the middle of writing a post entitled “All Quiet on the Yahoo Front” when news broke about T. Boone Pickens selling off his entire stake in Yahoo.

I was pondering whether or not the calm was more like a relaxing day at the spa or an eerie moment in a M. Night Shyamalan movie when the famed Texas oilman took the latter route.

Pickens, known most recently for his alternative energy plan, bought 10 million shares back in May when he decided to throw his support behind Carl Icahn.

Now that Carl Icahn is somewhat in cahoots with Yahoo, with the announcement that he will join an expanded Yahoo board, Pickens is selling of his shares.

Telling the San Francisco Chronicle, “I think that Yahoo management was pathetic,” Pickens was adamant about Yahoo agreeing to Microsoft’s offer to buy the company.

Yahoo’s annual shareholders meeting will be held this Friday.

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