The Real Reason No One Can Beat Google

When it comes to beating Google, many entrepreneurs attempt to have what they consider better results than Google. Whether its indexing a trillion pages, advancing semantic search, or harnessing social search, everyone’s looking for their Unique Selling Proposition.

I have conducted a great deal of thinking on the matter and have concluded that technology or financial backing has nothing to do with it. The real reason no one can beat Google is all in the name.

Think about it. It’s quite easy and acceptable to say, “Google it.” I say this to my kids. Despite the fact that Google does not prefer that their brand name is used as a verb, we do it all the time. It even happens in the movies!

But if I were to say “Cuil it,” it, of course, would sound like “Cool it.” That may even sound offensive in some cultures. Like you’re telling someone they have an attitude and they need to chillax. Next thing you know, you’re engaged in a nasty brawl on the Jerry Springer show. Or worse, face to face with Omarosa.

Cuil isn’t the only search engine to face this problem. Microsoft doesn’t need to buy Yahoo, they just need a better name for their search engine. Do they really think anybody is really going to “Live Search it”!?!?!

I’m not going to “Mahalo it” or “Wikia it” or even go old school and “Lycos it.”

Sure, I could say “Look it up on hakia” – but that’s just so many syllables!

No, dear readers, the only way to beat Google is to come up with a cooler name. So, get those thinking caps on and don’t forget to call me before you IPO.

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