Marchex Launches Integrated Local Advertising Platform

Marchex is integrating online and offline lead generation methods in its launch of Marchex Connect 2.0. The local advertising platform offers three products: online advertising, call-based advertising, and Business Profile Pages

With today’s launch, Marchex subsidiaries VoiceStar and Traffic Leader have been unified under the Marchex Digital Platform Group to leverage the Marchex Connect platform and provide integrated, locally-focused advertising services including:

  • Full Advertising Campaign Management – All campaigns are managed by a dedicated team of online marketing and call-based advertising experts.
  • Strategic Consulting for Resellers – Leveraging Marchex’s unique intellectual property regarding pricing and product strategies to appropriately balance and expand the total offline and online spends of an advertiser, and to maximize ROI goals.
  • Sales Channel Training – Custom in-field and Web-based training programs to equip Marchex partners’ local sales forces with the knowledge and sales materials they need to successfully migrate their local advertisers’ spend online.

“We have invested heavily to build a performance-based, local-centric advertising platform for local resellers and advertisers that integrates online and call-based advertising products and services at scale, all supported by sophisticated reporting and analytics,” said John Keister, Marchex President and COO. “Our goal at Marchex is to accelerate the adoption of local online advertising and to deliver the highest volume of quality local leads to our advertisers at the most reasonable cost in the marketplace.”

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