7 Location-Based Social Networking Applications for the iPhone

Earlier, I wrote about the estimates for location-based social networking to reach $3.3 billion in revenues by 2013. The iPhone is leading the way with several new location-based social networks developed by third parties for the new iPhone 2.0 software.

Here are 7 social networking apps that use location-based technology:

Twinkle is a Twitter app that incorporates a location-based feature. Not only can you view your usual Tweets from the people you’re following, but you can also view Tweets from people nearby who you might not already be following. They’re kept on a separate tab, so you don’t have to worry about them getting mixed in with your established following.


Twittervision lets you see Tweets from all over the world.


Zintin simply lets you interact with people nearby. It has “walls” like Facebook, and you can scribble on the photos of your friends.


iFob is designed to help users find other members nearby, and by nearby, they mean people in the same coffeeshop as you. iFob has an app for Windows and is working on an app for Mac OS X.


WhosHere helps you find people close to you with the same interests.


Loopt lets you find out where your friends are and what they’re up to at that location.


Limbo also lets you find where your friends are, but also has a group chat feature.


What do you think of location-based social networking? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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