Microsoft Partners with Zvents for MSN City Guides

Microsoft today announced a partnership with Zvents, a local search and advertising network, to integrate with MSN City Guides. Through the partnership, local advertisers will be able to target audiences with specific information about events and promotions.

Zvents has over 250 media partners, which will provide content to MSN City Guides, accessed by web crawler. User-generated content will also be part of the mix, which will include blended local search results.

This seems to fit with Microsoft’s recent talk of focusing on search niches and really developing them through innovation. It’s part of the grand plan to catch up with Google.

“Our goal is to deliver an incomparable local event experience to MSN users,” said Manu Vij, Channel Manager for the MSN Local group at Microsoft. “With Zvents, our users can now quickly and easily find any event happening in their local area — whether a hot rod car show, concert in the park, back-to-school sale, or celebrity book signing — virtually whatever suits their interests is presented in detail and immediately accessible.”

“Together with MSN, we’re now able to provide millions of people with the most complete and robust index of local content,” said Ethan Stock, Zvents CEO and founder. “As a part of the Zvents network, MSN adds tremendous value to local advertisers trying to both broaden their reach and more precisely target customers with timely information across the web.”

What do you think of MSN City Guide’s partnership with Zvents? Will it help Microsoft conquer a niche in local search? Sound off in the comments.

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