Friendster Names Googler as New CEO

Friendster has named Google’s regional managing director of South Asia, Richard Kimber, as its new CEO. It has also raised $20 million in funding.

Despite the waning of its popularity in the United States, Friendster is the #1 social network in Asia, and the 9th largest website in the world.

“Friendster is growing at an enormous rate in Asia Pacific and is clearly leading the competition. I believe this is partly because the Internet is transforming the lives of everyone, and it will probably become one of the greatest liberators of our time,” said Kimber. “Utilizing the Internet to connect to your friends is one of its greatest benefits, and is changing the way relationships work globally. With more than 75 million users, it is clear that Friendster has already made a dramatic impact. I look forward to growing our business further as we continue our global growth and strong focus on Asia.”

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via NYT

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