New News Search Engine: Newsflashr

newsflashr.jpg launched a new type of search engine for news stories today. Users are prompted to enter keywords and the search results are polled and displayed in real-time from many of the leading news services such as MSN Live, Ask Big News, Google News, Yahoo News, MSNBC, Digg and Twitter to name a few.

Newsflashr will also feature the Techmeme Leaderboard.

The site is the first to add a social twist to news reporting, in an attempt to leverage contributions of citizen journalists and the collective intelligence. For the first time, we’ll be able to determine whether Twitter is actually a news source. Plus, Digg – one of the key drivers of searches on Google Hot Trends – will be featured as a news source.

The sites is shooting for a hip, ironic image. The front page graphic is no Google Doodle. It’s a pic of The Joker superimposed on nuclear missiles, with the caption the Joker’s line from The Dark Knight, “Why so serious?” (see below)

“As a small company, we think that we can challenge the big guns with our new approach that pulls from all their results and pushes them on to a single results page. Say someone is really thirsty for any news updates on a given person or company, using Newsflashr, they’ll never miss a beat,” said Gal Arav, founder of, in a statement.

The new service complements Newsflashr’s existing free news portal launched in February 2008. The existing portal is a news interface that highlights keywords (topics) representing the “collective intelligence” of hundreds of the top news editors as it updates throughout the day for a wide variety of mainstream news and blog categories.


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