Omniture’s SearchCenter Now Integrated with Chinese Search Engine

One day before the Olympics in Beijing, Ominture has announced that its SearchCenter integration with Chinese search engine is now available.

“Successful search management strategies are paramount for enterprises and interactive agencies that do global online marketing,” said Josh James, CEO and co-founder at Omniture. “SearchCenter gives businesses increased advantages by managing search marketing campaigns to the vast Chinese Internet audience that predominantly uses for search.”

Baidu recently posted an 87% profit for the second quarter of 2008. By the time of the next summer Olympics, China is expected to exceed the U.S. in internet use. Baidu currently enjoys 76% of the Chinese language search market.

“While the Chinese Internet audience has continued to grow, so has the interest in targeting this large economy through paid and natural search marketing,” said Haoyu Shen,’s vice president of business operations. “By integrating’s search metrics with Omniture, we believe online marketers can better measure campaigns and increase conversion by making the search experience more relevant.”

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