Is John McCain or Barack Obama Winning the YouTube Vote?

Yesterday, Rasmussen Reports said that the “news you watch says a lot about how you’ll vote.” According to the pollster, 87 percent of Fox News viewers say they are likely to vote for John McCain, while 65 percent of those who watch CNN and 63 percent of those who watch MSNBC plan to support Barack Obama in November.

Those who read a print newspaper during the week were fairly evenly divided between the two candidates, but among those who read the same papers online, Obama had the edge. On the other hand, more than 60 percent those who listen talk radio plan to vote for McCain.

Today, the Times of India reports that the McCain campaign strategy of hammering away at Obama in funny videos has pushed the McCain YouTube channel to the sixth most watched sites this week. Overall, however, Obama’s YouTube channel still dominates, with 51 million all-time video views.

OJR%20chart.gif And what about the news search engines? Four years ago, the Online Journalism Review (OJR) reported that “non-traditional sources cloud Google News results.” Searching on the term “John Kerry,” several stories from “second-tier” online-only news and commentary sites appeared to have a conservative tilt. Among them were headlines such as “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth Expose John Kerry’s Lies.”

What about this election cycle? Unfortunately, the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication suspended publication of OJR in June after a decade of helping mid-career journalists make a successful transition from other media to online reporting and production.

So, I will be watching this fall to see if there are any patterns to the news search engine rankings for John McCain and Barack Obama. But that’s a big effort. So, send me an email if you see something before I do.

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