Rosetta Translation Launches Website Localization Service

If you want to go global or develop your content in other languages, you’re likely in need of a good translator. But just copying and pasting text into an online translation page isn’t going to do the job. You need human intelligence that knows the culture of the audience you’re aiming to reach.

Rosetta Translation is looking to serve that need by launching website localization services. Rosetta defines this service as “process that makes a website accessible, functional and culturally suited to a specific market.”

Rosetta’s website localization services aren’t just about language translation. They will help site owners understand what is offensive in a certain culture or what the typical speed of internet access is in an area.

“The Internet is now being used as a medium for everything from accommodation bookings to research on zymology,” says Luke Blackwell, Head of Information Technology at Rosetta’s London headquarters, who is also responsible for developing Rosetta’s website localisation services. “New uses are added daily and it makes sense for companies to have website visibility and function at the heart of their international marketing strategy.”

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