SES San Jose 2008: Top Stories from Day 1 of Conference

There have already been more than 65 news articles and blog posts from SES San Jose 2008 – and it’s just Day 1 of the conference. Looking through the event coverage, here are the top stories for those of you who are trying to keep up with the latest news and developments.

SES San Jose: Kevin Ryan
WebProNews spoke with Kevin Ryan at SES San Jose 2008! Watch the first video of the conference.

Opening Keynote Presentation: Lee Siegel
According to Virginia Nussey of the Blog, “The programmers decided to wrap up day one with a bang. Author and critic Lee Siegel will present on the fascinating topic of his latest book, a critique of current Web culture called “Against the Machine: Being Human in the Age of the Electronic Mob”. I’m intrigued…”

Lee Siegel, author of Against the Machine, was the opening keynote speaker at SES San Jose

Orion Keynote Panel: How Much Search Is Enough?
Dana Larson of the Online Marketing Blog writes, “Right after lunch today (which was pretty darn good ) was the first of the Orion Keynote presentations – a panel entitled “How Much Search is Enough?” Moderated by Kevin Ryan, this keynote panel discussed issues facing marketing budgets for search and traditional media, and how to make each piece of the marketing pie come together.”

Universal and Blended Search Panel at SES San Jose
Darrell Long of Search Engine Journal writes, “Hey everyone, I am here at Search Engine Strategies San Jose, sitting here in the universal and blended search panel. Mr Tawadros talks about how universal search is only a year and a half old and is still a baby.”

Search Industry Update – SES San Jose 2008 Coverage
Over at the adCenter Blog for Advertisers, Mel Carson reports on the Search Industry Update session. According to Mel, “There’s no better way to kick off a convention than with an industry update from experts in the know, so we’re in the ballroom at the Marriott and are promised an in-depth dive into the latest research and trends in the search engine marketing industry.”

Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO)
Blogging for Search Engine Roundtable, Avi Wilensky of Promediacorp writes, “According to comScore, nearly 139 million U.S. Internet users watched an average of 83 videos per viewer in March 2008, viewing a total of 11.5 billion online videos during the month. However, the average YouTube video receives only 100 views a year. This makes optimizing video for YouTube one of the biggest opportunities in the fast-changing and complex world of search.”

43 Killer Viral Tips from Top Marketers: SES Day 1
Jennifer Osborne of the aimClear Search Marketing Blog writes, “‘Tis budget season and marketing people are all a flutter trying to decide how to spend their 2009 dollars. As the American Economy gives more and more recession indicators, marketing budgets are going to hold even at best and most likely will shrink this year. Smart marketers know that Viral Marketing aka Word of Mouth Marketing (WOM) can be an inexpensive yet HUGELY effective means of getting your message out.”

Everything But Google – SES San Jose 2008
Jason McElweenie of The SEM Blog writes, “Last panel of day 1 before the closing keynote is dedicated to other forms of search out there besides the big three. Moderated by Andrew Goodman of Page Zero Media and featuring Sage Lewis of, Jay Sears of ContextWeb Inc, Jonathon Ewert of LookSmart, Dustin Kwan of Ask Sponsored Listings and Mary Berk of Microsoft.”

Yahoo! at SES San Jose
Yahoo! Search Blog team writes, “With Search Engine Strategies starting this week, we get a sneak peek from Vice President Larry Cornett on his panel on how searchers interact with search engines on Wednesday at 1 – 2:15 p.m. Also you’ll find a glimpse of where the entire Yahoo! Search team will be throughout the show.”

Left Behind For SES: Top 10 Things To Do Back In The Office
Frank of the SEOMFG blog writes, “Everyone on the Internet is talking about SES. Everyone at my office is at SES. But I am here at my desk. As I eye the list of seminars that I will not be going to I started thinking; I have to get in on the show somehow. Luckily, some people I know just created this crazy blog and made the horrible mistake of handing me a login. So, for all of you out there who are in the same boat as me, here are some things to pass the time while you are NOT at SES.”

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