WebTrends Launches New Service to Reduce Wasted Ad Dollars

WebTrends estimates that $4.5 million will be wasted in search advertising this year. That’s why they’re launching a new service: Ad Director. Debuting at SES San Jose, Ad Director uses self-learning technology to optimize millions of combinations of keywords, landing pages and ads across the major search networks. WebTrends says that companies using the solution have seen their return on ad spend increase an average of 44 percent.

“We have customers that are realizing over 1,500 percent return on ad spend after switching from their old bid management tools,” said Alex Yoder, the newly minted WebTrends CEO. “But more importantly, all WebTrends Ad Director customers have seen substantial gains over bid management, while reducing the manual overhead associated with these outdated solutions. With WebTrends Ad Director, we have struck the optimal balance between what machines can do best — repetitive analysis, testing and updates on a massive scale — and the insight and perspective humans bring to search marketing decisions.”

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