Website Optimizer Enables Pruning and Offline Validation

Google has released a major update to Website Optimizer, which contains new features that will have users breathing a sigh of relief.

First up, you can now disable combinations that just aren’t working out for you. Dubbed “Experiment Pruning,” the feature allows users to eliminate combinations that are poorly performing or just don’t make sense for your campaign. This can help you achieve faster results as well as set up a reasonable number of combinations relative to the traffic you expect to receive.

Next, offline validation is now available for pages that aren’t accessible to Website Optimizer. Simply upload a copy of the tagged page and Website Optimizer says everything will be tagged properly.

Finally, reporting has been updated to better show which combinations are performing well and which ones aren’t. Google hopes this will prevent false conclusions and prematurely ended campaigns.

What do you think of the updates? Let us know in the comments.

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