SearchIgnite Releases Version 3.0 of Media Optimization Platform

SearchIgnite has announced the release of the next generation of its media optimization tool. The updates featured in Version 3.0 are:

  • Full multi-channel media tracking and reporting: Track and report on paid search, display, paid inclusion, organic search, e-mail and more to better understand the consumer sales funnel and properly attribute online media channels that lead to a sale.
  • Assist keyword reporting: Run assist reports to view which keywords play a role in the customer search cycle – from generating interest up to a conversion.
  • Custom KPIs: Input specific metrics or formulas to generate custom metrics in standard SearchIgnite reports.
  • 44 new reports available: 44 new reports that can be run with the push of button, including creative and landing page testing reports.
  • One page access to all reporting functionality: All reports and reporting functionality accessible through a central dashboard, with everything available in one click in both a graphical and “data only” view to make reporting on campaign performance faster and more efficient.

“We are pleased to release what we believe is simply the most advanced optimization and reporting technology currently offered for sophisticated marketers,” said Roger Barnette, President of SearchIgnite. “For marketers with large or complex search campaigns, SearchIgnite offers unmatched algorithmic, manual and rules based optimization to save time and improve ROI. The latest platform now provides the most comprehensive and actionable reporting available within the industry for measuring campaign performance across all major online media.”

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