SES San Jose 2008: Top stories for Day 3 of SEM Conference & Expo

So much was taking place on Day 3 of SES San Jose 2008, even attendees needed to use news and blog search engines to keep up with more than 75 articles and posts coming out of the SEM conference & expo. Here are the top stories that represent just the tip of the iceberg:

Report: Bill Gates Remains Tied To Search
Doug Caverly of WebProNews reports, “The latest Nielsen stats put Microsoft’s share of the search market at an unimpressive 11.9 percent. What’s more (or to be accurate, less), its year-over-year growth is negative. But Microsoft’s search team has an interesting ally in its corner, as it turns out Bill Gates may still be lending some sort of hand.”

Google Dance 2008 (Photo by Byron Gordon)

SES roundtable: Search shouldn’t take all the credit
Ellen Keohane of DM News reports, “Search marketing often gets credit for the final sale or conversion, even when it shouldn’t, according to a roundtable discussion today at Search Engine Strategies in San Jose.”

Tools teach owners about Web site traffic
Deborah Gage of the San Francisco Chronicle reports, “Most people who search the Web are really stumbling in the dark. So said a couple of Google evangelists who spoke Tuesday to a packed audience, all looking for advice on how to light the path to their Web site’s door.”

SEO Through Blogs and Feeds SES San Jose
Darrell Long of Search Engine Journal reports, “I am here at the first session of the day, yes I am up on time after the Google Dance! We have Rebecca Lieb, Contributing Editor, ClickZ moderating this morning.”

SES San Jose: News Search SEO
Jessica of TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog writes, “News search engines offer a great way to receive targeted traffic related to breaking topics or to help with a public relations launch. In this session, industry experts Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, Lisa Buyer, President & CEO of The Buyer Group and Greg Jarboe, President and Co-Founder, SEO-PR look at how to make use of press releases and news content to tap into the power of news search.”

Getting Vertical Search Right
Susan Esparza of the SEO Blog writes, “Day 3 of SES San Jose and everyone looks a little tired from partying at the Googleplex last night. The coffee shop was out of bagels. That’s a crime. I’m going to starve. My kingdom for some scrambled eggs. But enough about me. Moderator Lauren Vaccerello (FXCM) and panelists Philip James (Snooth, Inc), Jonathan Dingman (Digitally Imported, Inc) and Paul Forster (Indeed) are ready to go. On with the show!”

Measuring Web 2.0 with Star Trek – & SiteLogic’s Matt Bailey
Matt Bailey of SiteLogic Marketing talks Trekkie lore and web analytics with Jamie O’Donnell of SEO-PR about his SES San Jose 2008 panel on Web 2.0 measurement. Matt’s famous Star Trek/Web Analytics mashup played well at the show as he explained the increasing likelihood of Enterprise ensigns’ chances of survival given various circumstances, including the color of their shirts, shuttlecraft landings, and the captain’s amorous liaisons.

Blended Search Demands Blended Marketing and PR
Sally Falkow writes in her Website Content Strategy Blog, “At the session on Universal and blended search at SES San Jose we heard from all the search engines. Johanna Wright of Google, Cris Pierry of Yahoo! Erik collier of Ask and Todd Schwartz of LIve search all gave their insights and predictions about how search is displayed and how searchers view a results page.”

SEO Sucks at SES San Jose & The Google Dance
Jeremy Schoemaker of ShoeMoney writes, “I thought I would spice it up a bit and wear my ‘Seo Sucks’ t-shirt as a bit of a social experiment to see what kind of reaction it would get. Being at the largest and most respected SEO gathering/conference I was curious to (see) the reaction.”

Search Marketing Agencies: Why Can’t They Sell Themselves?
Julia Hyde of Creative Search Media reports, “If I was a prospect looking for an agency to represent my company, I’d throw my hands up in the air and make the decision to handle search marketing in house.”

AdGooroo Debuts Online Competitor Keyword Report
MarketingVOX reports, “Online keyword intelligence firm AdGooroo announced the release of the “Top Ad Copy Report,” part of its SEM Insight offering. The report went live at the SES conference in San Jose this week.”

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