Does Today’s Image Upset Over 50% of the U.S.?

Recently, Microsoft started putting images as the background design of For two glorious weeks, the images were of Olympic events. Now, they’ve switched to politics.

Today’s image is a closeup of Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama at his big acceptance speech last night. But with less than half of those polled supporting Barack Obama, could such an image deter people from using

We can say the same thing if/when a McCain picture appears on the site.

It’s not that political events shouldn’t be on’s site. But perhaps a wider shot of the event would help visitors see the image as a news photo. Plus, with the hot spots that is using to help visitors explore searches – today’s photo it has 2 boxes on the blurry audience background and one on Obama’s collar. Kind of awkward.

How do you think Microsoft should handle political photos in its new design? Sound off in the comments.


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