Aaron Wall and Wordtracker Publish ‘50 Kick-Ass Keyword Strategies’

Wordtracker has teamed up Aaron Wall to publish new e-book, “50 Kick-Ass Keyword Strategies,” which offers simple, smart and speedy ways to use keywords to attract more customers online.

Or, to keep the alliteration going, “50 Kick-Ass Keyword Strategies” is packed with pointed, practical tips that focus on what today’s online marketers care about most: getting real PROFIT from keywords.

“We wanted to create a simple, readable book that got people buzzing with fresh keyword ideas—ideas they could start using right away to improve their business profit. And knowing how busy people are, we insisted that Aaron cut out the fluff and get to the meat of what you
really need to know,” said Ken McGaffin, the CMO Wordtracker.com, in a press release issued over the weekend.

“Online success is not so much about spending tons of money, but more about working hard to come up with unique, creative and useful ideas that attract and engage your audiences,” said Aaron Wall in the release.

This practical e-book gives businesses of all sizes lessons and insights that include:

— Clever, little-known strategies for getting more valuable website visitors.

— Outwitting competitors, and impressing clients with surefire ways to skyrocket their website traffic.

— How to reach beyond the obvious keywords to discover terms and phrases with untapped commercial value.

— How getting rid of words like free and discount can boost your conversion rates and get better customers.

— How mining analytics data can be the key to uncovering valuable, low-competition keywords that bring in valuable streams of traffic.

— How a site’s search box is the key to finding profitable new keywords and content ideas as well as ideas for new products to add to a website.

Wall added, “It’s not just the right keywords that guarantee your online success — but how you use them. Most marketers tend to blindly follow the same, tired research path that everybody else follows. As a result, they miss out on all of the traffic and profits that some clever keyword thinking could bring them.”

“50 Kick-Ass Keyword Strategies” is available as an e-book at www.wordtracker.com/academy/kick-ass and retails at $39. Check it out.

Or, check out my interview with McGaffin at SES London 2008. It appears that one of the new groups to discover the power of keyword research is … journalists! There goes the neighborhood.

Ken McGaffin, WordTracker, SES London 2008 Keyword Research

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