Google Courting Agencies for Advertising Beyond Search

Traditional advertising agencies have long been wary of Google. That’s no surprise, really, when a company comes out of almost nowhere to change an entire industry.

And as Google has grown, the search company has expanded beyond search to create revenue streams from other all-too-lucrative advertising mediums.

Now, Google is courting agencies in an attempt to get them to divert those ad spends via Google ad products.

The New York Times features a story about how Google employees set up shop at an agency for a day to expand upon the technology and opportunities the internet giant has to offer. It wasn’t a laptop-fest. Google brought couches, bean bag chairs, candy and food. This isn’t your three martini lunch on Madison Avenue, but it is making an impression.

Still, many remain wary. They feel Google is just using the ad agencies to get to their clients, with an ulterior motive of stealing them away.

What do you think of Google’s efforts? Let us know in the comments.

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