Google Adds “My Location” Search Feature to Windows Mobile Devices

Google has added the ability to search by a user’s location to mobile search on select Windows Mobile devices. The feature, dubbed “My Location” uses the Google Gears Geolocation API, which employs Cell ID Technology aka cellular triangulation.

“My Location” will be available in the U.S. and U.K. initially and on the following devices:

  • HP IPAQ hw6900
  • HTC 4350
  • HTC 8525
  • HTC Atlas
  • HTC MTeoR
  • HTC P3300
  • HTC P3450
  • HTC P3600
  • HTC P3650
  • HTC Touch (not supported on some devices)
  • HTC Touch Dual
  • HTC Touch Diamond (only works in IE Mobile)
  • HTC TyTN
  • o2 XDA Orbit
  • Palm Treo 750
  • Samsung Blackjack II
  • Samsung i780
  • Samsung SCH i760

Two devices can also use “My Location” via GPS:

  • HTC Mogul on Sprint (users can enable GPS with a firmware upgrade*)
  • Motorola Q9

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