27 Million People Watched Over 3 Billion Videos Online in the U.K.

According to new data from comScore Video Metrix, more than 27.4 million U.K. Internet users (78 percent of the total U.K. Internet audience) viewed 3.2 billion videos online in June 2008. Google Sites, driven by the popularity of YouTube.com, attracted nearly half of all videos viewed online in the U.K, followed by BBC Sites (1.4 percent share), Microsoft Sites (0.8 percent share), Fox Interactive Media (0.7 percent share) and ITV Sites (0.6 percent share).

U.K. Internet users watched an average of 117.7 videos per viewer in June – the highest videos per viewer average of any of the five countries reportable in comScore Video Metrix, which also includes U.S., Canada, France and Germany.

Google Sites also attracted the most viewers (20.5 million), who watched an average of 77.8 videos per person. BBC Sites drew the second most viewers (5.9 million), followed by Microsoft Sites (5.8 million), and Fox Interactive Media (3.9 million).

Other notable findings include:

— 19.7 million viewers watched 1.4 billion videos on YouTube.com (72.4 videos per viewer).
— The average online video duration was 3.0 minutes.
— The combined U.K. online video viewing audience watched a total 161 million hours of video content.
— 4.2 million mobile phone subscribers used their phone to watch any kind of TV or video in the U.K., of which 37.6 percent were younger than 25 years old.

Video Search Engine Optimization Panel Recap, Greg Markel

At SES San Jose 2008, Greg Markel of Infuse Creative talked with Byron Gordon of SEO-PR about the Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) session. Markel emphasized the crucial nature of an online video (and online video optimization) strategy especially with relation to YouTube and Google’s universal search.

The Video Search Engine Optimization session will also be held at SES Chicago on Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2008. As I’ve mentioned before, if you register before Sept. 26 you can take advantage of the “recession special” to save up to $600.

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