ChaCha is Fastest Growing Mobile Text Search Service

Since launching a mobile text search service in January, ChaCha has answered 27 million queries, already gaining 7% of the U.S. mobile search market. They tied Yahoo in mobile search market share by the end of June 2008.

ChaCha experienced an 800% growth rate in the second quarter of 2008.

“Mobile search is growing at an incredible pace,” says Chris Quick, mobile media analyst with Nielsen Mobile. “Within the mobile SMS search category, ChaCha is the fastest growing service, increasingly competitive with other mobile search providers. We’re therefore keeping very close tabs on how ChaCha will affect the mobile market.”

Looks like refocusing their business model on mobile text search is working out pretty nicely. I’ve used ChaCha myself, and I find it quite useful. I can text a question, keep going about my day and then get the precise answer I need a few minutes later. It saves me time, because I can get stuff done instead of sifting through a bunch of different search results, which may or may not be relevant.

What do you think of ChaCha’s mobile text search service and growth? Direct your thoughts to the comments section.

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