GPhone Coming Soon, Should IPhone Worry

The oft rumored G phone is becoming a reality and given the popularity of the Google brand I wonder if the Apple crew are starting to worry. T-Mobile will soon be offer the Android-driven cell phone, according to reports.

The phone is being manufactured by a small Taiwanese-based company, “that makes its own (relatively obscure) brand of handsets, plus house brands for carriers including Vodafone and Telecom New Zealand,” the National Business Review reported.

Given Google’s popularity, this foray into the mobile space could have implications for the entire mobile industry. As NBR asks is the company “poised to take advantage of Google’s recent foray into buying large amounts of wi-fi spectrum – creating a possible future scenario for mobile VoIP calls that cut traditional cellphone service providers out of the picture altogether.”

The one plus is the phone is selling for the same price as the new IPhone – usually Google buys into an industry and gives away the services to dominate. If they start reducing pricing the industry may have cause to start worrying.

The other notable part of the new phone is the Google branding given they are not the carrier or the manufacturer – a first in the space. Guess Google sells!

Guess the new Androids dream of world dominance of the mobile industry.

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