Turn Introduces Dynamic Pricing into Behavioral Targeting Ad Solution

Online advertising firm Turn, Inc. is introducing dynamic pricing models into its behavioral targeting offering. The model will take factors such as recency and relevancy of message and combine it with a retargeting method that allows advertisers to monitor real-time behavior and adjust their campaign within seconds.

So, does this dynamic pricing work? Turn offers three examples of its success:

  • A telecommunications client in Turn’s market saw a 28 percent lift in click-through-rate and a 423 percent jump in conversion rate when adding retargeting to their buy.
  • A Fortune 500 financial services client had an increase of over 200 percent in both click-through and conversion rates after starting their retargeting campaign.
  • A major auto insurance company saw a 2x lift in ROI when they included behavioral into their campaign targeting auto-intenders.

“Our dynamic pricing model is an alternative to how advertisers are purchasing behavioral inventory today. In this world, offerings aggregate all users in the behavioral segment and every impression is assumed to have equal value to the advertiser. In reality, all users are not equal and pricing should reflect that,” comments Dominic Bennett, vice president of engineering at Turn.

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