Rich Media Now Available Across AdBrite’s 70,000 Site Network

AdBrite has announced that rich media is now available on their advertising network. Fox has been using AdBrite’s rich media to promote its new television drama, Fringe.

“Advertising with AdBrite’s network was a key part of our FRINGE fall season premiere campaign,” said Laurel Bernard, SVP Marketing, Fox Broadcasting Company. “Combining unique rich media experiences with advanced targeting, a broad range of distribution, and full transparency made AdBrite a great media partner for our launch.”

AdBrite’s 70,000 sites include 8 out of the top 20 largest media properties, according to comScore. The network reaches over 80 million Americans each month.

“Rich media allows advertisers to create unique, compelling consumer experiences, while delivering premium CPMs to publishers,” said Ignacio Fanlo, CEO of AdBrite. “We’re pleased to be working with the industry’s leading platforms to bring rich media to our customer base, and are thrilled to have been a key part of Fox’s FRINGE launch.”

Currently, the rich media format is only available by invitation. If you’re interested, email

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