Google Wants Government on Its Client Roster

Google has opened a new office in Reston, Virginia and staffed it with sales people tasked with getting their products used in the government. Their neighbors include widely known government contractors including Northrup Grumman and Raytheon.

Their challenge is to convince government agencies to shift to a cloud computing method. Of course, when you’re dealing with so much confidential information, the gravity of the challenge seems intense indeed.

There is also a Washingtonian sense that the more complex a program is, the more sophisticated it must be. This works against Google’s success which is largely based on making things easier on the user.

What works in Google’s favor is that workers want to see the same kind of simple-yet-advanced programs at their workplace that they use in their personal life.

What do you think of Google’s government aspirations? Let us know in the comments.

via Washington Post

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