Yahoo Also Launches Site Defending Search Ad Deal with Google

Last week, Google launched a site that explained what they feel are the facts behind their search advertising agreement with Yahoo. Now, Yahoo is doing the same.

The site does not offer much new in the way of arguments supporting the partnership. Yahoo reiterates the point that advertisers set the price of search ads through the bidding process, and that there will be no price setting between Google and Yahoo.

But that argument hasn’t seemed to calm many fears. It’s almost like saying, “Hey, if the price goes up, it’s your own fault.”

There has been no denying that the price could, indeed, rise as a result of the deal. If there was such assurance, that would mean that Yahoo and Google are, in fact, price setting. That would go against Google’s business model that has brought them so much success.

Most of this just chalks up to bad timing. The economy is what it is right now, emotions are high, fears are high. It’s a bad time to defend this deal, whether it has merit or not.

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