WebTrends Releases New Online Analytics Tool

WebTrends is rolling out a new feature to help web markters and developers track specific analytics. The tool is called TagBuilder. It’s online, it’s free and it generates WebTrends data collection tags, which have been rewritten as standardized, object-oriented JavaScript code.

Here’s what you can do with TagBuilder:

  • Access automated click-event tracking for download links, offsite links, form submissions, image maps and navigation areas
  • Automate parameter mapping and the capture of information from custom META tags for detailed reporting
  • Flexibly define the site with options for single or multiple first-party cookies and the choice of single or multiple on-site domains for accurate cross-domain tracking
  • Integrate conversion tracking with WebTrends Ad Director, an automated search marketing optimization service
  • Easily create cookies compliant with the U.S. Office of Management & Budget policies for federal government web sites

“WebTrends TagBuilder greatly simplifies one of the most arduous, error-prone tasks of web analytics,” said Eric Rickson, product manager for WebTrends. “This free utility lowers the barriers to rich reporting and analysis by providing our customers with a direct way to take advantage of our innovations in data collection.”

What do you think of this new tool? Let us know in the comments.

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