How Google is Integrating Search into Android and the G1

Recently, Google and T-mobile teamed up to unveil the new G1, the first Android-powered phone to be made commercially available. There was a lot of hype about the device and how it compared to the iPhone, but how does Google’s baby, search, fit into the mix?

Marc Vanlerberghe, Google’s Product Marketing Director, took to the Official Google Mobile blog to address that very issue.

It turns out search pops up in a bunch of places on Android, as you might expect.

The search feature on Maps sounds pretty cool. Just start typing, and the search interface pops up.

Other applications have your typical search button, and then there’s a good ol’ fashioned search widget on the home screen.

Query suggestions will be seen throughout, some using Google Suggest and some using query histories.

Google put together a video to show more of how search will work on Android. Check it out:

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