Live Search now Live on Facebook

In July, Microsoft and Facebook announced an expansion of their existing partnership to include Live Search on the social network. Today, that plan has been implemented. AdCenter ads are being served up along with the results.

Here’s what they’re saying about it:

On the Live Search blog, Angus Norton, Senior Director, Live Search Product Management, wrote “This is a great first step in our partnership. As we evaluate user feedback and results we’ll explore additional ways to integrate Live Search more deeply into the Facebook experience.”

Over at Facebook’s blog, Leah Pearlman wrote, “By integrating web search into Facebook, you can increase the information available to share with your friends, family and coworkers on the site. For example, your friend may invite you to an event at a new restaurant. Without leaving Facebook, you can check out the details of the restaurant on the web. Or, say you see photos in your News Feed about a friend’s recent trip to Dubai. Inspired, you can search the web for more information about travel without having to leave Facebook. Along with your search results, you may also begin to see ads for products, services or other things that are relevant to your query.”

Have you tried out Live Search on Facebook? Let us know your first impressions in the comments.

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