Web Content is Having the Worst Week EVER!

I don’t know if everyone is in a bad mood over the economy or what, but web content is having the worst week ever.

First, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said the internet was a cesspool. Then, Kevin Kelleher at GigaOm said that certain social sites are ruining the whole social networking industry because their nicheiness has gone just a little too far in his not-so-humble opinion. Finally, David Cowan decided that the “internet sucks” meme was a good idea for a marketing campaign to push MashLogic, including the tagline “Take back the web.”

You may not want to join a social network dedicated to the admiration of David Hasselhoff, but that doesn’t mean social media is doomed.

You may enjoy half the videos on YouTube, but perhaps they weren’t all created for you.

In a modern day world of customization and the web making things more immediate, we’ve come to expect what we want when we want it.

But now that’s leading to self-important decisions about what should be on the internet in the first place.

The problem with declaring the web as full of junk is that such elitist thinking generally leads to a social form of censorship.

The world wide interwebs thrive off of openness and access for as many people as possible. But if we begin to reign it in because some CEOs, bloggers, and startups decide that what they think is good is the only thing that matters, then the web will truly become a garbage dump of narrow, upper crust excogitation.

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