Android Week 1: Sprint’s Not on Board (Yet) and a Security Flaw Discovered

The first phone with Google’s new mobile platform Android was released last week on Tmobile. Unlike the iPhone, Android will be seen on more devices and more carriers in months and years to come.

But Sprint CEO Dan Hesse says Android isn’t quite ready to carry the Sprint name on a device – not yet anyway. He says that Sprint will carry an Android phone in the future, but the platform needs work.

It might be tempting to suggest that the struggling Sprint should hop on board. After all, Tmobile’s G1 pre-sold $1.5 million devices. But Sprint is smart to wait on a ready-for-prime-time device. It needs to sell solid products that garner their own word of mouth instead of simply hopping on a hype wagon.

One of the reasons Android might not be ready is because of a newly discovered security flaw. The flaw was found by former National Security Agency computer security specialist Charles Miller.

Miller has reported the flaw to Google, which says it is working with HTC and Tmobile to issue a fix to G1 customers.

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