Microsoft Study Reveals Online and Digital Behavior of Women

Microsoft teamed up with Mindshare and Ogilvy Chicago to study the online and digital behavior of women. They surveyed 800 women of varying ages and careers, including stay-at-home and work-at-home moms. Here’s what they found:

  • 22 percent shop once per day.
  • 86 percent pass along interesting “finds” to others.
  • On average, they have 171 contacts in e-mail, social networking and cell phone address books.
  • E-mail is overwhelmingly, 85 percent, the most important tool.
  • They view tools such as rewards, loyalty cards, cell phones, coupons via the computer, TIVO and DVR, video on demand, opt-in daily e-mails, and handheld wireless devices to be “blessings” in their lives.
  • The majority views devices such as cell phones and computers as “extensions of themselves.”
  • More than half “never” unplug from their digital devices, even when sleeping.
  • Technology “curses” were few and centered on activities and types of communication that were “out of their control.”
  • If forced to, they would “throw out” their television or cell phone first; only 11 percent would throw out their personal laptop.
  • On average, they have 5.8 “screens” and 12 digital devices.

A special note about moms, which we already know are powerful influencers:

“For moms, the Internet serves as a link to the ‘outside world’ — especially moms with a new baby,” said Debbie Solomon, managing director, Business Planning of Mindshare. “And moms are really the future of content creation. They have an insatiable appetite to create and share content — posting more than twice the average U.S. adult, whether publishing, maintaining or updating a blog or Web page.”

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