Wordtracker Launches “Keyword Questions”

Wordtracker has launched “Keyword Questions,” a free tool that let’s webmasters and SEOs find the specific questions that people type into search engines. The answers to these questions can provide interesting web copy and could pick up a lot of search traffic.


“People have a ton of questions about all sorts of things and people will go straight to a search engine to find the answers,” according to Ken McGaffin, Chief Marketing Officer of Wordtracker. “Just enter a keyword and we’ll give you up to 100 questions that people have asked.”

The tool works by pairing the keyword with one of six question words: Who, what, where, when, why and how. It then conducts a broad match from Wordtracker’s database.

For example, someone with a coffee website, could enter “coffee” and find questions like “who invented the coffee maker”, “why use cold water when brewing coffee”, “how to make iced coffee” and “how to clean a coffee pot”.

Or, a flower shop could enter “sorry” and find questions like “how to say sorry to your girlfriend” or “how to say sorry after huge argument.” Hey, this is just an example. I’m happily married.

Or, a website on UFOs might be interested to know that the most popular questions on UFOs include “how to fake UFO photographs” or “how to build a UFO.” Sorry, the tool doesn’t suggest, “Where is Area 51.”

“This is a fun tool that is a great source of inspiration for web content writers,” McGaffin said in a press release. “You need never be short of creative ideas again.”

I interviewed Ken at Search Engene Strategies London 2008 in February. And he shared some of the latest trends of search term research back then. And I expect to see him again at SES London this coming February 17-19, 2009, to get an update.

Ken McGaffin, WordTracker, SES London 2008 Keyword Research

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