Yang Says Microsoft Deal is Best Bet for Yahoo

Jerry Yang told attendees at the Web 2.0 Summit yesterday that a deal with Microsoft is still the best option for Yahoo.

To which I say: Then why didn’t you accept the $31 per share acquisition offer made earlier this year?

And then I read this: “People who know me know I don’t have an ego about remaining independent versus not remaining independent.”

Wow. I have to admit that asking for $35-37 per share earlier this year seemed a bit egotistical on the “Let’s stay independent front.”

To be fair, with both sides having slung a fair amount of mud, it is difficult to know what really went down. And really, any CEO who isn’t at least somewhat egotistical about his own company isn’t worth his weight in gold.

Matters of ego aside, it seems that a white flag might be flying over the Sunnyvale campus. Now, we’ll wait to see just how low that Yahoo stock goes before the white knight of Microsoft comes by to do the rescuing.

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