TNS Unveils Next Generation of Online Advertising Monitoring Tools

TNS has launched the next generation of its online advertising monitoring tools. The TNS Digital Suites combines cookie tracking with the TNS 6th Dimension Panel for what they say is a unique analysis of online ad consumption. TNS says current tools overestimate audience sizes, but that their updated online ad tool provides target audience insight with little interference to the user experience.

Mike Saxon, Senior Vice President, Brand and Communications, TNS, explains the need for new measurement and monitoring systems, “For digital advertising, current tools are not meeting the industry demands because the fundamental relationship between advertising and the media that carries it has changed. TNS Digital Suite surveys our panelists, not site visitors, delivering the same kind of accountability and rigorous analysis for online advertising that our customers expect for traditional advertising.”

TNS is touting the benefits of the new tool as:

  • No more unpopular pop-up surveys
  • Control for cookie deletion, capturing ad exposure on multiple computers (home/work/school) for each panelist
  • Accurate ad effectiveness measures for the target audience, using the 6th Dimension panelists profiles (over 150 panelists characteristics)
  • Advanced analysis through longer surveys (up to 30 minutes long against 7-8 minutes)
  • Surveys taken at the convenience of the panelists instead of the current proximate surveys which occur immediately after ad exposure
  • Analysis available based on frequency and time since last exposure

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