Google AdWords Launches iPhone and G1 Options (Plus Mobile Marketing Tips from SES!)

iPhone-ad-screenshot-cropped.jpgWant to bid on mobile searches via AdWords? Well, now you can. Today, Google launched AdWords options that will be visible on the iPhone and G1. We first learned Google was preparing iPhone ad options this past October.

Both devices have web browsers that display full HTML. And since around 95% of all mobile searches are conducted on the iPhone (according to today’s Mobile Search panel at SES Chicago), today’s announcement opens up a brand new opportunity for you.

Here are some other mobile marketing tips and facts you need to know:

  • Do keyword research specifically for mobile searches. Using search suggest on Google search iPhone app is one way to do it.
  • Mobile searches are longer than desktop/laptop searches. Some of this may be attributed to voice search.
  • Mobile searchers are motivated and they want to fill an immediate need/want (food, coffee, etc). Look for this to shift to include bigger purchases (TVs) as mobile becomes more familiar in the coming years.
  • Track behavior/ROI via mobile coupons and redemption codes
  • Tracking via 2D and RFID is popular in mobile-friendly Japan and is likely the future of mobile commerce in the U.S. (we have 2D barcodes on our badges at SES!)
  • Mobile apps – don’t build them unless you have a unique idea (like Shazam, UrbanSpoon, etc.). Instead, get listed in the mobile search apps (i.e. Yellowbook’s G1 app).
  • If you have a separate mobile site, watch out for duplicate content.
  • If you don’t have a mobile site, don’t build a separate site, say on .mobi. Instead, build one on a subdirectory or subfolder on your existing site. Make sure the user experience matches mobile browsing.
  • Kill Flash on your sites. It doesn’t work on mobile devices and is not likely to. Even if it did, it would take too long to load.
  • Don’t worry about WAP. WAP is dead or at least will be soon

Let us know when you’ve tried out Google’s iPhone/G1 AdWords options. Report your findings (at least, what you can) in the comments!

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