Ten Top Stories from SES Chicago 2008 for Day 1

It takes a little effort to spot the ten top stories from the first day of SES Chicago 2008. That’s because some of them appear in Google News or Yahoo! News, some in Google Blog Search or Technorati, and some on YouTube. And I didn’t even try to monitor Twitter.

So, if you are trying to keep up with all the news coming out of the event, here’s my take on the top ten stories from Day 1:

Google AdWords Launches iPhone and G1 Options (Plus Mobile Marketing Tips from SES!)
Nathania Johnson of Search Engine Watch reported that Google has launched AdWords options that will be visible on the iPhone and G1. Both devices have web browsers that display full HTML. And since around 95% of all mobile searches are conducted on the iPhone (according to today’s Mobile Search panel at SES Chicago), today’s announcement opens up a brand new opportunity for search engine marketers.

Larry Cornett Yahoo! Universal Search
Dr. Larry Cornett, VP of Consumer Products for Yahoo! Search, spoke on the Universal & Blended Search session. He gave an overview about universal/blended search results across the major search engines: Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google. He also shared a some new search user research about universal search results with Byron Gordon of SEO-PR.

SES Chicago: Igniting Viral Campaigns
John W Ellis of the Web Analytics World Blog wrote, “My favorite session from Day 1 of SES Chicago was Igniting Viral Campaigns.”

SES Chicago Highlights: Search Industry Update
The Search Engine Strategies session “Search Industry Update” was an informative session especially if you need to convince those holding on to the marketing purse strings on how big the effort needs to be.

Legal Considerations for Video SEO – Interview with IP Attorney Mark Rosenberg
Grant Crowell of ReelSEO interviewed Mark Rosenberg, and intellectual property attorney and Search Engine Strategies Chicago conference speaker, who shared the important legal issues that both companies and Video SEO professionals needto consider, especially before they even get started with making and promoting video content online.

SES Chicago Winds of Change
Lee Odden of the Online Marketing Blog, writes, “Today kicks off another Search Engine Strategies conference, this time in the windy and bleeping cold city of Chicago. Change has been in the air for SES.”

Live Blogging Day 1 at SES Chicago
Jeff Woelker is attending SES and will be live blogging the conference.

Nixed Presentation for SES Chicago Mobile Search Battle Update
Bryson Meunier of the Natural Search & Mobile SEO Blog writes, “For the Mobile Search Battle Update panel, we have elected to present in a more panel-based format since there will only be three speakers.”

WebProNews Heads to Chicago for SES!
WebProNews is covering the Search Engine Strategies show in Chicago. At least, they hope to cover the show this year. They write, “As of the time of this writing, it is 14 degrees in Chicago and calling for snow showers on Monday, December 8 right at the time of our departing flight. We are determined to get there though since we have lots of exciting coverage to bring you!”

Speaking at SES Chicago
Dave Naylor, more commonly known as DaveN, is speaking at two sessions at SES Chicago: SEO Tools on Tuesday and Black Hat, White Hat & the Best Kept Secrets to Search on Thursday. Writes Dave, “I’m making it a flying visit. Arriving on Monday afternoon and flying back out on Thursday evening, so that I can be back in the office for Friday afternoon if I manage to get some sleep on the flight back.”

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