AdGooroo Report Shows Times Not So Tough for Search

The economic downturn may not be affecting search advertising, according to the latest Mid-Quarter Search Engine Update from AdGooroo. The report shows that first-page advertising activity on all three search engines was up sharply during the first two months of Q4. Google active advertiser counts were up about 54.9%, Yahoo up 11.2%, and Microsoft up 29.6%

Some of the uptick is due to increased spending on holiday campaigns across the engines. Some of Google’s large increase in advertiser counts is due to the increase in ads per page that Google implemented this quarter.

In addition, AdGooroo reports that We estimate that Microsoft has increased its advertiser share from 11.5% in Q3 to about 15.8% in Q4, a 37% increase. That brings Microsoft much closer to second-place Yahoo, which stands at 22.1%, with Google squarely in the lead at 80.3%.

The full 4-page report is available for download.

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