Top 10 stories from SES Chicago 2008 on Day 2

Things are really rolling now at SES Chicago 2008. Here are the top 10 stories from Day 2:

Fighting IP Extremism with Online Video – The Lawrence Lessig Interview
Grant Crowell of ReelSEO writes, “We caught up with Professor Lawrence Lessig, founder of Standford Law school’s Center for Internet and Society, and the opening Keynote Speaker the Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2008 conference for ‘Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy’. We asked Professor Lessing if he believes there is significant IP extremism (i.e., legal restrictions) with online video content for both amateur and commercial use, and what video-specific solutions does he see in his proposal of a ‘hybrid economy’ – protecting freedoms for video amateurs while producing incentives for video professionals.”

Measuring Success In A 2.0 World
Mike Sachoff of WebProNews writes, “At the SES Chicago session “Measuring Success in a 2.0 World” the panel discussed different strategies to use to track success.

How Low Performing Banner Ads Can Actually Increase Conversions
Nathania Johnson of Search Engine Watch writes, “In a couple sessions at SES, I’ve been hearing about how banner ads can drive people to search. So while they may not be clicking on your display ads and converting off of them, they may send people to a search engine to find your product or service.”

SES Chicago: Getting Your Viral Campaign Going
Abby Johnson of WebProNews Video Blog interviewed Chris Winfield, the President of 10e20 about getting started with a viral campaign.

Day 1: My Daily Takeaways From SES Chicago
Grabanski of the AimClear Blog writes, “Whereas conference coverage typically focuses on 1 session at a time, we thought it might be interesting to assign one of our bloggers (me) the role of providing a more global overview of their day spent in sessions. We hope you enjoy the format of bite-sized chunks of key points gleaned from multiple sessions.”

Josh Todd explains Campaign Measurement
Josh Todd, the Director of Acquisition Marketing for Constant Contact, explains the challenges of measuring online/offline advertising campaigns.

Live Blogging Day 2 at SES Chicago
Jeff Woelker provides Day 2 live blogging coverage of SES.

Welcome to SES Chicago 2008!
Sage Lewis, the President of, says, “Today is the first day of Search Engine Strategies 2008. Watch this video to see what the week will be about and all the things that will be learned.”

Universal & Blended Search from #SES Chicago 08
Shawna Fennell of the Yahoo! Store Blog writes, “First of all, I thought this session was really fascinating! When you look at how much search engines have changed over the last 10 years, it is truly amazing!”

SEO Samba at SES Chicago
Dave Naylor checked out one of the exhibitors on the show floor of SES Chciago 2008 and writes, “Behold a fully fledged SEO automation platform Seo Samba and DaveN is at the SES Chicago Conference to see it. SEO Samba promises much in terms of SEO process integration, facilitation of SEO best practice and a scalable content management system.”

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