Google Releases Chrome Out of Beta

In early September, Google launched a new product: a web browser named Chrome. Like most of Google’s products, it was released into beta, which basically means the product could be (and was) imperfect but they kinda sorta don’t have to take credit for it.

But 14 updates and 10 million users later, Google Chrome gets to shine in all of its glory, without that pesky little beta tag holding it back.

With its new beta-less state comes the 15th update and here’s what to expect, via the Official Google Blog:

  • Better stability and performance of plug-ins (particularly video). Google improved the performance of video and audio and fixed a bunch of the bugs that existed during the beta period.
  • Faster than ever Since the first beta, the V8 JavaScript engine runs 1.4 times faster on the SunSpider benchmark and 1.5 times faster on the V8 benchmark. Google says Chrome will get even faster in the future.
  • Bookmark manager Better bookmark features were a top request Chrome users made to Google. It’s now easier to switch your bookmarks in other browsers over to Chrome.
  • Privacy controls Features related to privacy are grouped in one spot with detailed explanations.

Have you tried the beta-less Chrome? Let us know your impressions in the comments.

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