Hubspot Releases State of the Twittersphere Report

Hubspot has released a report it dubs the “State of the Twittersphere” which they say is akin to Technorati’s “State of the Blogosphere.” It uses data from Twitter Grader (a very vain way of showing who’s “popular” on Twitter) to offer the following interesting stats about the popular social networking tool:





What’s missing from this data is how many user accounts are active. With so many users following or being followed by 25 or fewer people, it has me wondering if many people try Twitter but not really getting how it’s useful. I was that way when I first tried Twitter in 2007. Of course, that was before you could do good searching of Twitter and when there were fewer people using it.

I started up again when I heard Peter Shankman speak at a local interactive marketing luncheon. He explained how to network on it and how to participate in the conversations going on via Twitter, and I’ve been a avid user ever since.

Now, I’ll pass along the advice. Here are some great blog posts on how to make the most of Twitter.

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