YouTube Doesn’t Change The Way We Think – It Matches the Way We Think

Clive Thompson, over at Wired, and titling his post in the third person, is saying that YouTube is changing the way we think. Oh contraire.

It matches the way we already think.

It should be more common knowledge, that people learn and think in different ways. But years of “reading, writing, and arithmatic” has so many thinking that TV and video games rot your brain.

But they don’t. So many of us learn, think, and communicate visually. Video provides us with the opportunity to truly express ourselves in ways that our brains have long desired.

One of the reasons my family chose to homeschool was the crude lack of technology in our school district. My son is very much a visual learner. Now, he uses YouTube as a search engine, since reading is such a struggle for him. He can watch news reports, DIY videos, and yes, he has his very own YouTube channel that he uses to communicate his thoughts on Mario, Bionicles, and Transformers to anyone interested in the matter.

That video is going mainstream and people are thinking visually is really not as far fetched as some want to believe. History has shown that people in ancient civilizations carved drawings as their first and instinctive form of communication.

If anything, it is written communication that changed mankind, and now we have a mix of the manners in which people think. The obviously great think about the internet as a whole is the ability to match so many different types of learning and communication.

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