CitySquares Expands to Delaware and Maryland

In August we learned that was the fastest growing search engine according to Quantcast. They also announced that they would be slowly but surely expanding their reach from just local search in the northeast to the rest of the United States. Earlier this month, that expansion began.

Today, CitySquares officially made the Delaware and Maryland sites live.

How will the rest of the country roll out? Here’s what to expect, according to CitySquares co-founder Bob Leland:

To give you an idea of how we’re rolling out, we started in the northeast, are currently knocking down the mid-Atlantic states, and making our way down the coast to Florida. We will then move west towards the great Mississippi River and then jump to the Pacific coast. We’ll be skipping over a few less populous states as we roll-out and circle back to them. Our overall roll-out plan shows us launching about 40 states in 30 days.

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