Google Street View Aids Cops in Finding Missing Child

We often hear about the bad stuff about Google’s Street View on its mapping product. People are concerned about privacy and some have been photographed in a less than flattering light. Google’s street view vehicles have also been banned from U.S. military bases.

But today Street View is getting some good press by way of a happy ending to a missing child case.

Nine year old Natalie Matlais was picked up from her legal guardian’s house by her biological grandmother last Saturday. Some comments made by the grandmother alarmed her guardians and they notified police.

Cooperating with a cell phone company, they were able to track GPS coordinates. One smart officer plugged in the coordinates to Google Maps, and found a hotel near the given coordinates using Street View.

It was their best bet, and their hunch turned out to be right. You can read the entire story at the Worcester Telegram and Gazette.

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