Did Yahoo President Sue Decker See New CEO As Snub?

Despite the suggestion by ValleyWag, that incoming Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz’s first job would be to fire President Sue Decker, seems Decker beat her to the punch by announcing her resignation.

Decker has overseen many of the few innovations and major changes at Yahoo during the past few years – as Terry Semel stood down to give Jerry Yang the CEO spot and their stock fell from the 30s to below 10. But, ValleyWag reports Decker was ambitious and “engineered a reorganization that drove out her chief rival, COO Dan Rosensweig, and then led a palace coup to drive out Hollywood movie mogul Terry Semel as CEO.”

People had thought Decker was a major contender for the CEO spot and when another female from outside the company was named Decker had to leave.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Board Roy Bostock stated ““The Board thanks Sue for her service as President, the important contributions she has made to Yahoo!’s development in a variety of roles over the past 8-1/2 years, and her willingness to work with Carol Bartz to ensure a smooth transition. We respect her decision to move on to other challenges and wish her only the best.”

The news of the new CEO and Decker leaving did little to impact the Yahoo stock price today.

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