Matt Cutts: Hate Review Sites With No Reviews? Tell Me About It

Google’s spam guru Matt Cutts is asking for people to help his team address the issue of review site pages with no reviews.

In other words, have you ever been researching a product and included “review” in the search phrase – only to click on sites with no reviews? Annoying to say the least. (Especially on a mobile browser!)

Cutts says this is a major concern among his blog readers. So, his team has set up a way for you to help them find out about URLs with this problem. Per Cutts’ blog:

  1. Go to our authenticated spam report form. You’ll need a Google account to sign into our webmaster console. This form is available in dozens of languages, not just English.
  2. In the “Additional details” section, make sure you include the word “noresults” (all one word, all lowercase). Feel free to fill in the other fields with info if you want.
  3. Provide an actual “no results found” or “empty review” example url.

Cutts rightfully points out that these sites/pages are not intended as spam per se, but, of course, they do affect the quality of search.

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