Obama Aide: Broadband Portion of Stimulus Package for Timely Needs, Not Overall Goals

An aide of President-elect Barack Obama is clarifying what can be expected from the broadband portion of the stimulus bill currently being constructed in Congress, according to Reuters. Blair Levin, a former FCC employee under Clinton, is insisting that the bill will address timely broadband needs that can create jobs, instead of being used to implement the overall goals of the incoming administration.

That doesn’t mean the Obama technology agenda is out the window. It simply means the stimulus bill is not what is going to make it happen.

Many groups are vying for a piece of the stimulus pie. A public interest group known as Free Press is calling for $44 billion of the $800 billion bill to be used to expand high-speed internet.

Consumer groups want more competition, which they feel will help the United States catch up with European and Asian countries that are currently leading in Internet speed and widespread adaptation.

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