HelloMetro Hiring Journalists to Cover Local News for Their Online Sites

HelloMetro is hiring former print journalists to cover the news for 10 of their local sites. They hope this will bring better local coverage as opposed to local sites they say just resort to blogs.

“We have avoided leaving our local stories to bloggers,” CEO Clark Scott said. “Other websites lean heavily on blogging because the content is free. While blogging is useful, we insist on the traditional standards of reliability and accountability that we could only get with our own staff of professional writers.”

Hey Clark. I’m a blogger. I cover the news. I’m not free. (Oh yeah, and print journalism doesn’t always = reliable and accountable.)

I digress.

There’s a bunch of journalists out there needing jobs, so hopefully the ones who end up at HelloMetro are able to build a nice career and add value to the communities they write about.

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