Realtor Century 21 Moving Its TV Spend To Online Advertising

One of the largest national realty companies, Century 21, has decided to move a large part of their TV advertising budget for 2009 to online marketing, according to Advertising Age.

While Advertising Age see this as part economic and part going where has worked for them over the past two years:

“With the beleaguered real-estate market showing no signs of a turnaround, the realtor has decided to play the numbers and go where the buyers and sellers are: online.”

this change in spend could also have a major impact on online advertising perceptions in general.

Century 21 has noticed that they have seen very successful results with their online spends.

As Beverly Thorne, Century 21 senior VP-marketing, told Advertising Age, “the company’s research and testing revealed that its online investments in 2008 were substantively more productive and efficient than its offline efforts.”

In 2008 online spend was less than 10% of Century 21’s advertising budget.

While marketers and writers in our space have been touting the intelligence of increasing spends on paid search, if Century 21 has noticeable success many others in all industries could soon follow.

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