Forget Behavioral Targeting, Body Targeting Could Soon Be ‘The Thing”

We soon may be able to give a search engine information on our body size and outstanding features and get true tailored search results for clothing and other dress accessories, if a new Yahoo patent gets integrated into search.

Bill Slawski explains the patent that Yahoo has registered. “A patent filing from Yahoo describes a Fashion Search Engine that can use a 3-dimensional model to present clothing, a way for others to provide clothing recommendations, and a matching algorithm that can help you find clothes that match.”

This could be a feature Yahoo could work with some serious retailers to help revive their paid search sales. Create it, sign retailers and white label it – store the world’s statistics. Hey prompt them to update when they have lost or out on weight and you could have an audience for weight loss and exercise information as well.

Keep moving in this niched direction, work your own fashion portals where you can gather the people’s inofrmation and you move away from the search for generalized information and stride into the social search arena.

Now get Twitter to create a fashion category specifically for you and you are off to the races. You could use it to make sure the right ads are shown when inventory for certain sizes become unavailable – send them to an alternative where their sizes are still available!

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